The length of time required to create a complete website depends on various factors. If we are creating a custom design it will take upto 1-3 weeks and development time will be like 1-5 weeks extra depending on the complexity and no of pages and other functionalities required. These are a general time frame and will definitely try and work out in the time frame you will be discussing out with us.

It is difficult to quote the exact price without specifications and complexity range but would surely quote the best once we get to know your complete requirements.

We are providing all types of language based designs and we do support many of them like html5, xhtml, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML and others. We serve a complete range of technology.

Absolutely , we provide all our clients a link wherein they can track their project ongoing work as well as a preview is available for them . Also we appreciate this since we know that it is important for our client to know what all is going on in the project.

We provide our clients with complete opportunity to modify whatever they feel does not suit the designing or development part once we provide you with the preview. Afterwards if you feel you need to modify anything you may let us know if there will be no extra development required for that modification it will be free else it will be chargeable.

Firstly we gather complete information about all our requirements and discuss the same with you . We believe that client's input is always an excellent effort made by the customer and to make a project successful one.Once we receive the requirement we begin the search for initial ideas with latest technology and equipments using latest graphic designing software and we share the same with the client for their feedback. We make amendments according to the feedback of the client and share the review again and we continue to finalise the project like this.

Once the final payment is done we provide you with a PDF, PSD, EPS format or any other you want.

Once the final payment is done copyright will be owned by the client, but we can use the same as our promotional work. Also in case of hosting the complete design to your hosting you need to follow our privacy policy.

We provide a complete range of graphic related services also we have our tech partners to whom we can reach for some unique and special graphic work if required.

We work for delivering quality at competitive prices. Our pricing will be more clear when you give us a call to provide us your complete requirements.

We are working with Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, C++, ASP.NET and others.

As far as time for a project is concerned we take upto minimum of 90 working days approx 3 months time . Rest it also depends on complexity and updations .

You will own the code and designs after we deliver it to you , we will sign a contract with you and handover everything.

Yes we have feature for software maintenance with us based on your product license. It includes bug-fixing and tracking. Features modifications enhancements and developments are included. Rest you will come to know once we will discuss complete maintenance phase with you.

We work for our clients to provide them the best of our experience and knowledge and for that we finely work upon quality issues, also we provide timeline and features list to you before commencement of project and discuss the same with you. We follow the same timeline unless and until there is a delay issue from client end.

This is a tough question to answer since all projects are different and have different timescales. Generally improvement in results is shown within first 60 days of commencement of project.

The best thing a digital marketing plan has is that you can see real time results, unlike other type of marketing. It has become best way to interact with customers now to promote your business on social media, different search engines and directories. A perfect Brand image is setup with digital marketing through various ethical methods, techniques, softwares; all we need is to showcase quality content and lead generation opportunities are higher. Your followers can get a regular update of your business, time to time new products will be displayed on your website through which a large number of audience will get attracted. Also digital marketing will be more affordable to your pocket as compared to other marketing plans.

Basically more than millions of audience is there which is readily available to view your company information with few clicks so why not choose a method that is more time managing. Social media promotion targets your best audience and at the same time you will see results when people will reach out for your business needs. Also to be an active business on social media creates an image nowadays. So its best to opt for social media promotion with other promotions as well.

Success is measured with the same factors as you measure for other marketing techniques like leads, traffic, customers. In case of Twitter, Facebook it is fans and followers who want to see your business update time to time it means that your business is trending.

Email marketing is one of the most effective and easy way to reach out for different audience. This is most interesting part of promotion wherein you're not posting anything and waiting people to see your post rather you're sending your post directly to customer's inbox .

Firstly we choose an appropriate hosting for your ecommerce website that consists of secure network, its backed up daily, upgraded for better security and patched regularly. All security and down time issues are handled carefully. Moreover we have packages for security of portals for our clients which provide additional security to your online shop.

Yes ! we will surely send you a working demo wherein you can view all features that your ecommerce site will have. But the desining will be different for your business and if you want it customized according to your need it can be done.

Ecommerce websites that we develop are SEO friendly and you can add multiple keywords in your site to promote it.

A solution like opencart or magento will allow variety of payment options. Like credit card, Paypal, online transfer and others. For shipping you need to choose your shipping provider and ensure that it can get integrated with your site.

Yes you will be able to manage lots of aspects like products, categories, content, pricing & much more.

There are several parameters for determining the time required like features, format, UI, all these needs to be considered. We prepare a plan according to various factors and develop a timeline and we present it before you.

Cost for customized web application largely depends on specifications, like functioning, process included & reporting that needs to be done. A budget is discussed with you when you tell us your exact requirements.

We use a complete range of languages like Java , XML, CSS, HTML, HTML5, SQL, ASP.NET, PHP and others

Yes we do . Once your application is live then we provide free support for limited time period so that your users do not have any type off difficulty using your app after that we provide paid support at very reasonable cost.

No we have worked globally with many clients and we manage everything according to the time zone and timeline.